Things You Didn’t Know About Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage

Things You Didn’t Know About Swedish Massage

writes on September 18, 2015

Known as one of the most recognized types of massage techniques performed today, Swedish massage does not only promote soothing and relaxation but also provides a number of health benefits.

Improves blood circulation


The manipulation of the muscle tissue with the variety of stokes equally promotes circulation and increase blood flow to the different organs of the body. Adequate blood flow supply to the organs and tissues means adequate transport of oxygen and nutrients; thus functioning is efficient.



Relieves pain


As the blood circulation is increased, oxygen and nutrients are also distributed to sore muscles and joints, and as a result, pain and stiffness are relived. Furthermore, it can also assist in the elimination of toxins that causes soreness and stiffness, such as the lactic acid, that are accumulated in the muscle to promote fast healing and recovery of affected muscles and tissues.




Improves excretion of unwanted toxins


Through systematic stimulation, the systems of the body are consequently stimulated and activated. It therefore encourages proper functioning of lymphatic system and vigorously facilitates lymph and metabolic waste excretion.




Enhances overall wellness


Swedish massage is recognized to be beneficial to all body systems. It induces a feeling of well-being naturally through the comfort of human touch. Not only does it provide healthy physical changes, but mental and emotional, as well.






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