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Sports Massage for NBA Players

writes on July 2, 2016

“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them” – Michael Jordan

Perhaps, NBA fans still have a hangover until now since Cleveland Cavaliers won over Golden State Warriors. Talking about NBA, the game requires full speed running, and the mobility to stop and quickly change directions. Since players need more endurance when doing constant sprinting or jumping for a long time, they could possibly encounter injuries if they miscalculated their movements.


List of some injuries that usually NBA players usually get during the game:

  • Ankle Sprain- Ankle sprain happens when a player wrongly lands his foot from a jump or accidentally twist its ankle that causes ligaments to tear or stretch. This is the reason why Curry missed the NBA game 3.
  • Hamstring Injury– Hamstring injury is a tear in one of the three muscles found at the back of the thigh. It happens when a player makes a sudden burst of speed. And that is why Celtic’s Bradley was out for Game 2.
  • Knee Injuries – The largest joint in the body is the knee. One common knee injury to the basketball players is the Jumper’s Knee— an overused condition that causes the inflammation of the patellar tendon— a cord like tissue that joins the patella to the tibia.
  • Achilles Tendinitis – Achilles Tendinitis is caused by overusing the Achilles tendon. It occurs when a player suddenly increases the intensity of their run.

Sports Massage is the best tool to prevent injury and muscle discontent. A massage therapist helps the player prevent injuries by massaging the overused joints and muscle groups. During the game, a player plays both defense and offense. With this massage therapy, the player’s stamina mobility and alertness will be improved.

Whether you require a sports massage for your injury or flexibility, a Professional Massage Therapist can apply massage techniques to flush away lactic acid development in your muscles. Sports massage for basketball players will help you feel more ready for the basketball court and handle the ball with enhanced body performance.

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