Video Section

Start the Course:
  • Shiatsu video 1 - 9m 51s
  • Shiatsu video 2 Shoulders - 4m 8s
  • Shiatsu video 3 Back of Leg - 4m 45s
  • Shiatsu Video 4 faceup, front of legs, yin meridian - 4m 52s
  • Shiatsu Video 5 faceup, front of legs, yin meridian - 5m 17s
  • Shiatsu Video 6 working on the harrah - 9m 55s
  • Shiatsu Video 7 Arms - 6m 05s
  • Shiatsu Video 8 chest - 3m 54s
  •     Shiatsu Video 9 trap - 2m 27s
  • Shiatsu Video 10 range of motion - 3m 20s
  • Shiatsu Video 11 neck - 10m 30s
  • Shiatsu Video 12 finishing sweep - 1m 30s
  •     Shiatsu Video 12 finishing sweep - 1m 30s

Enjoy learning this course.

Instructor: Kirk Jorgensen, LMT

Kirk has been practicing massage therapy since 2001. "I became interested in massage therapy as a career after some powerful personal healing experiences receiving massage therapy and energy work. I love the study, practice and results of massage therapy. I especially enjoy seeing people feel better, move easier and nurture their own sense of well-being with massage." Kirk finds teaching massage therapy to be a valuable vehicle for sharing massage therapy and its benefits. "I feel that teaching massage therapy is an important component of creating more consciousness about health, wellness and self -are in the world. I take continuing education and work to keep current on the latest findings regarding the effects of manual therapy and this informs my understanding of the effects of massage therapy and my teaching at Myotherapy.

Summary of what the video training will include:

This class is designed to take the beginning student from applying a basic Shiatsu session, to be able to begin individualizing their treatment for each client’s unique body patterns. Students will review the foundational Shiatsu I information, learn the meridian pathways in more detail, better understand Qi and how it works in the body, develop beginning assessment skills and learn the tools to treat kyo and jitsu imbalances for the purpose of restoring the harmony of Qi in the body. Prerequisite: Oriental Meridians/Shiatsu I.