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Shiatsu Massage For Beginners

writes on March 28, 2016

What is shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is an ancient therapy from Japan and adapted by traditional Chinese medicine, they believe that the body has energy center and flows through a network of meridians called Ki, Qi. This particular type of massage therapy uses pressure points to treat common physical and psychological complaints. Shiatsu massage can be performed through light  clothing and without the use of oils.

shiatsu massage

How Shiatsu works?

In giving a shiatsu massage the center energy of the body are stimulated, leading to the stimulations of Qi and this will help bring back the balance and energies of the body. Massage therapist should know the sense of each of the energy centers, so that they can treat every specific conditions. Shiatsu massage technique is a holistic approach where in the massage  therapies applies sustained pressure with their fingers or thumbs in a rhythmic series along acupuncture points or meridian area to unblock the flow of energy.  This also uses a couple of techniques from circular motion, assisted stretching, joint manipulation, mobilization, palpation, kneading and rubbing. Pressure being applied with this massage technique can be diverse depending on the clients body complaints. This will help calm an dynamically active sympathetic nervous system, improving circulation, reducing stress and relieves stiff and contracted muscles.

What To Expect:

At first visit, the massage therapist will make an assessment of your Qi (center energy) to decide on which right massage technique is needed. A complete medical history is asked to health shiatsu massage therapist know your current overall health. First session will last for about 2 hours but succeeding shiatsu sessions are usually completed in an hour.

During the hands on part the clients is usually on a low table or in the floor lying. Since massage oil is not necessary, clients can wear their light comfortable clothes for massage therapist finger can do the work.

Find a qualified Shiatsu licensed massage therapist

Be keen on choosing a shiatsu massage therapist, make sure they are licensed shiatsu massage therapists who have successfully passed certification exam and has undergone trainings administered by National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

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