Touch for Health

Video Section

Start the Course:
  • Intro 14 muscle goal balance - 4m 5s
  • Concluding 14 muscle goal balance 2 - 1m 26s
  • Touch For Health Pectoralus Major Clavicular - 44s
  • 14 muscle goal balance Teres Minor - 3m 36s
  • 5m 27s - 1m 59s
  • 14 muscle goal balance Anterior Serratus - 1m 59s
  •     14 muscle goal balance Anterior Deltoid - 52s
  • 14 muscle goal balance Tensor Fascia Lata - 4m 11s
  • 14 muscle goal balance Peroneus - 2m
  • 14 muscle goal balance Subscapularis - 2m 28s
  • Touch For Health Subjective Evaluation - 4m 40s
  • Touch For Health Prechecks - 4m 15s
  • 14 muscle goal balance Pectoralis Major Sternal - 49s
  • 14 muscle goal balance Latissimus Dorsi - 5m 27s
  •     14 muscle goal balance QUAD - 51s
  • 14 muscle goal balance Supraspinatus - 1m 14s
  • Touch for Health Psoas - 3m 34s
  • Touch for Health Muscle Checking - 2m 31s
  • Touch for Health Demo of Muscle Checking - 1m 51s

Enjoy learning this course.

Instructor: Annette Chambers, LMT

Annette Chambers is a highly skilled and successful massage therapist.  She uses Touch for Health as a valuable tool in massage therapy. Her private practice began in 2002 where she incorporates kinesiology with massage to bring amazing results.

Annette Chambers is a passionate educator in the field of Touch for Health. She has a unique talent of making learning fun and memorable.  She graduated from Myotherapy College of Utah in 2001 and began teaching soon after. In 2003 she earned her certificate as a Touch for Health certified Instructor. In 2012 – 2013, the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of America awarded Annette Instructor of the Year.

Summary of what the video training will include

The Touch for Health video training clip includes a 14 muscle goal balance protocol. It also features an Emotional Stress Release Balance. The training also reviews the 14 Indicator muscles used in Touch for Health 1.