Thai Massage

Video Section

Start the Course:
  • Thai Massage History (right side of body) - 1m 53s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 1 (Feet face up) - 5m 48s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 2 (right side of body) - 8m 26s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 3 (left side) - 7m 32s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 4 (Beginning with Tree Position) - 6m 42s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 5 Leg (Left Side) - 13m 14s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 6 Leg (Right Side) - 21m 09s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 7 back of legs - 9m 31s
  • Thai Massage Protocol video 8 back 1 - 10m 33s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 9 back 2 - 2m 11s
  • Thai Massage Protocol video 10 figure 4 - 3m 39s
  •     Thai Massage Protocol Video 11 stretching the back - 1m 47s
  •     Thai Massage Protocol Video 12 stretches for the back - 1m 45s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 13 arms - 9m 07s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 14 Abdomen - 5m 52s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 15 hands - 4m 02s
  • Thai Massage Protocol Video 16 neck - 12m 54s
  • Thai Massage recumant side lying variation - 3m 49s
  • Thai Massage Hip side lying variation - 3m 39s
  • Thai Massage arms and hands side lying position - 4m 23s
  • Thai Massage HIP - 3m 34s
  • Thai Massage blood stopping - 4m 29s
  • Thai Massage leg stretches side lying position - 3m 35s
  • Thai Massage series of stretches - 3m 22s
  • Thai Massage back and neck side lying position - 8m
  • Thai Massage medial portion of the arm side lying position - 5m 54s
  • Thai Opening streches on the table - 5m 39s
  • Thai Shoulder on table - 2m 45s
  • Thai Hands on table - 4m 29s
  • Thai Neck on table - 3m 48s
  • Thai harrah organ flex - 6m 07s

Enjoy learning this course.

Instructor: Janet Peacock, LMT

Janet Peacock graduated from Myotherapy College of Utah in May 2000.  She opened her private practice immediately following graduation and has worked for the college as Director of Admissions since October 2001.  Janet also received her Reiki Master training in August 2001 and began practicing and teaching Reiki during this time.  She is also an instructor for Practice Building II, Reiki, and three levels of Thai Massage.  In finding her passion for Thai Massage Janet has trained with 5 instructors in the traditional Thai protocol in the United States and traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand three times to study with two different masters of this modality.  In addition to teaching for Myotherapy College, she teaches privately as well.  She also offers Thai Massage retreats as well as taking students to Thailand to continue their study of this work.

Summary of what the video training will include

This course will present the history and technique of Thai Massage. Thai Massage blends styles from Asian neighbors passed down through the generations. The Thai method uses point pressure, muscle stretching and compression, done in a rhythmic movement of gentle rocking. In Thai massage it is not just the hands that are used to free tension from the recipient’s body, but the therapist’s feet, forearms, knees, and elbows as well. It is applied on a mat on the floor. The work is done fully clothed and no oils are required. Thai medical massage can move deeper into the mechanical functions of the body, working with deep muscle tension and joint mobility as well as nerve, muscle and ligament balancing.