Segmental Bodywork

Video Section

Start the Course:
  • Segmental: Introduction to shoulder 1 - protocol - 2m 20s
  • Segmental: Shoulder 2 - warm up - 4m 12s
  • Introduction to Trapezius - 3m 01s
  • Warming up Trapezius - 2m 31s
  • 1st head of Trapezius - 2m 5s
  • 2nd head of Trapezius - 1m 41s
  •     3rd head of Trapezius - 1m 39s
  • 4th head of trapezius - 4m 49s
  • Working the Trapezius Attachments - 5m 6s
  • Segmental Massage: Arms - 11m 04s
  • Segmental Masage: Neck - 13m
  • Segmental Massage: Hip - 12m 31s
  • Segmental Massage: Posterior Lower Leg - 9m 48s
  • Segmental Massage: Lateral Ankle - 2m 35s
  • Segmental Massage: Anterior Leg - 6m 20s
  • Segmental Massage: Knee/ Quad/ Thigh - 15m
  • Segmental Massage: Lower Back - 8m 18s
  • Segmental Lower Back Protocol - 8m 18s
  • Humorous Attachment - 3m 38s
  • Teres Minor and Supraspinatus - 3m 17s
  •     Segmental: Shoulder 3- Daltoid attachments - 1m 31s
  • Segmental: Shoulder 4- Rotator Cuff/ Supraspinatus/ Intraspinatus - 3m 42s

Enjoy learning this course.

Instructor: Ivan Lach, LMT

Segmental Bodywork is designed to introduce students to various types of injuries, how they manifest, their symptoms, and rehabilitative massage techniques utilized in the treatment of these injuries. Students will be able to treat major muscles in segments and have a thorough hands-on knowledge of body planes and bony structures, identify precise locations of muscular attachments and bony landmarks. Prerequisites: Functional Anatomy.