Video Section

Start the Course:
  •     Reflexology anatomy of the body (foot chart) - 2m 9s
  • Reflexology Techniques - 4m 29s
  • Reflexology Relaxation Techniques - 2m 31s
  • Reflexology Protocol 1 Toes - 6m 6s
  • Reflexology Protocol video 2 Ball of Foot - 3m 48s
  • Reflexology Protocol video 3 arch of foot - 2m 51s
  •     Reflexology protocol video 5 - 3m 14s
  • Reflexology protocol video 6 Spine - 2m 54s
  • Reflexology protocol video 7 Lateral and Top of foot - 2m 58s

Enjoy learning this course.

Instructor: Cammy Spendlove, LMT

This course covers the fundamentals of Zone Therapy and the effects of manipulating reflex areas of the feet for treatment of the entire body. Students will learn the benefits, effects and contraindications of Reflexology.