Lymphatic Drainage

Video Section

Start the Course:
  •     Lymph Drainage Neck - 4m 07s
  • Lymph Drainage Face - 8m 27s
  •     Lymph Drainage Arms - 6m 17s
  • Lymph Drainage Legs - 9m 44s
  • Lymph video Superficial Abdomen - 7m 327s

Enjoy learning this course.

Instructor: Marva Beesley, LMT

Marva is a successful and highly skilled massage therapist, maintaining a private practice in the Salt Lake valley since 1994. She has had extensive training in Lymph Drainage and is certified to work with individuals with surgical and traumatic edemas, lymphedema and post cancer lymphedema.  She has also extensively studied Cranial Sacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy, numerous other modalities and energy therapies and is certified as an Applied Polarity Practitioner. She has been on the faculty of Myotherapy College of Massage since 1999.

After the death of her youngest child in 2008, Marva became a volunteer advocate for suicide prevention and suicide survivor assistance, giving information and support to anyone dealing with this devastating loss in their lives.

Summary of what the video training will include

The lymphatic drainage video shows and describes the protocol that is taught in Lymphatic Drainage 1.