Video Section

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  • Deep Tissue upper body video 1 - 26m 50s
  • Deep Tissue upper body video 3 - 26m 50s
  • Deep Tissue upper body video 4 - 15m 50s
  • Deep Tissue upper body video 6 - 14m 01s
  • Deep Tissue upper body video 7 - 10m 38s
  • Deep Tissue upper body video 8 - 10m 25s
  • Deep Tissue upper body video 9 - 8m 27s
  • Deep Tissue upper body video 10 - 6m 46s

Enjoy watching this course.

Instructor: Ivan Thompson, LMT

Ivan graduated from UCMT in December 1994, and started teaching for UCMT January 1995, Ivan taught Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Russian Sports Massage, Structural Integration in the advanced program and was a clinic director for the UCMT. In 2002 Ivan came to Myotherapy College to teach Deep Tissue Upper and Lower Massage, Chair massage, Trigger Point therapy, Applied Anatomy, Touch For Health and is a member of the Student clinic staff and the advisory board as a faculty members.

Ivan has worked with a pro football team, went to Athens Greece as a therapist to work on the athletes, as well as several local sport teams, cycling crews and ultra-running athletes.

Ivan has a private practice in Centerville Utah since 1994 and always strives to take continuing education to continue to learn new ways to help clients perform and live better with less pain and dis-function in their lives. Ivan loves to teach and work with the students.

Summary of what the video training will include

This video training segment is to work the upper body of your client to lengthen them from the waist to the top of their heads. Working on the torso as well as arms, hands, and the cervical area. All of the stroke from your class and maybe a couple of new ones as well, I hope you will enjoy it and use the work in your practice often.