Video Section

Start the Course:
  • Deep Tissue Lower body Protocol video 1 (Pelvis and Glute) - 5m 78s
  • Deep Tissue Lower body Protocol Video 2 (Deep hip Rotator) - 4m 2s
  •     Deep Tissue Protocol Video 3 (Deep hip Rotator) - 3m 12s
  • Deep Tissue Protocol Video 4 (Greater Trochanter of Hip Rotators) - 5m 36s
  •     Deep Tissue Video 5 (Thigh Superficial) - 3m
  • Deep Tissue Lower Body video 6 Thigh - 11m 32s

Enjoy learning this course.

Instructor: Chad Weiberg, LMT

Chad graduated from Utah College of Massage in the year 2000.  After graduating, he began his own private practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been successfully practicing and teaching for the last 15 years.  Chad also has completed the human anatomy course at the University of Utah.  He became a faculty member of Myotherapy College in 2004, teaching human anatomy & cadaver lab, shiatsu, deep tissue lower and other modalities.  His focus is the whole body and utilizes structural integration and shiatsu among other modalities to create a holistic approach to healing the human body.  In addition to his core focus, Chad is an expert in most spa modalities including hot stone, body scrub and herbal wraps.  Chad also utilizes his talents in bodywork to help the elderly, prenatal mothers and infants feel better, increase circulation and range in motion.

Summary of what the video training will include: coming soon