Do you want to increase your massage therapy knowledge and skills as a therapist? Subscribe now at is an online tutoring site that offers online massage protocol courses in 13 modalities of massage.  Our aim is to provide an online avenue of learning for students and graduates of massage therapy, helping them to hone and improve their skills as licensed massage therapists.

This site offers 13 massage therapy courses in professionally filmed videos from our faculty of professional instructors.  Each instructor showcased, has over 10 years of teaching experience and are each successful practicing massage therapists.  You will notice that every video course has been developed to build on the core knowledge and classwork the therapist has already experienced while in massage college.

Learn Massage Therapy Courses’s courses in massage include:

  • Deep Tissue Lower / Upper – focuses on deep layers of muscle and fascia to help release acute and chronic muscle tensions for treatment of various physical ailments

  • Lymphatic Drainage – an approach that uses gentle and light touch to help stimulate natural discharge of waste products and toxins from the lymph

  • Polarity – it is a whole body approach that involves gentle and manual contact that often includes rocking motion of the body

  • Prenatal Massage – involves deep bodywork to promote proper circulation and relieve discomforts to help the mothers-to-be attain overall wellness during pregnancy

  • Reflexology – application of pressure to specific points and reflex areas of hands, feet and ears without the use of oil or lotion

  • Segmental Bodywork – an approach used to treat major muscles in segments

  • Shiatsu Massage – involves the use of finger pressure (fingers, thumbs, palms) applied to energetic pathways to improve circulation and relieve stress

  • Spinal Touch – a technique that uses light and non-forceful touch that targets the treatment of chronic and acute pain

  • Sports Massage – practices Swedish and Deep Tissue technique geared towards athletic events and activities for treatment of pain, prevention of injury and recovery

  • Swedish Massage – involves 5 basic strokes - effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration in a more gentle form

  • Thai Massage – a healing system combining passive stretches and gentle pressures that stimulates the body’s natural healing ability and restore a healthy mind, body and spirit

  • Touch for Health – encompasses touch, massage and the use of acupressure to enhance posture and relieve pain and tension

Note: These videos are not substitutions for hands on learning and certification.  For more information about attending formal massage therapy program, please click here.