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Importance of Taking Quick Massage Courses for Continuing Education

writes on December 27, 2016

Do you think that after more than 500 massage therapy sessions, you already have adequate knowledge to advance your career? Do you think that enrolling in a massage course for continuing education is a waste of time and money? If your answer is YES then you don't see eye to eye with the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates who taught that “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

There is so much to learn and massage therapists must keep the desire for knowledge burning. There are many good reasons for enrolling in a quick massage course for continuing education. Five of these good reasons are:

continuing education

1. To qualify for re-certification

Massage laws vary from state to state. In Utah massage therapists are required to renew their certification every 2 years. Re-certification requires continuing education courses. Myotherapy College of Utah located in Salt Lake City is one of the accredited providers of continuing education. More information is given in:

continuing education

2. To keep abreast of developments in technology

Massage therapy has come a long way since 3000 BCE. Advancements in technology are fast. They influence how we look at our environment and how we do things. In massage therapy, hot stone materials and aromatherapy are examples of constantly evolving elements the can affect the quality of services. Keeping up with new technology can enhance the therapist's services. The use of new technology is a plus factor in retaining clients. Remember, repeat customers are effective promoters of your excellent services.

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3. To sharpen or polish skills

Continuing education courses are geared to sharpen your theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Continuing education keeps you informed of new developments.

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4. Gain a competitive edge

The market for massage therapists has grown and is becoming more and more competitive. Experience plus continuing education demonstrates how you can efficiently handle your clients.

continuing education

5. To boost self-confidence

When you hesitate to do a job, you lack confidence. But with continuing education you gain more theoretical and practical knowledge, which in turn, can boost your confidence.

In conclusion, continuing education may mean not buying some of the things you want to buy or spending less time with friends. But the benefits of continuing far outweighs the advantages.

As a massage therapist, what inspires you to keep the desire for knowledge burning?

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