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Giving a Powerful Yet Soothing Massage

writes on October 19, 2017

The sense of touch is probably the most engaging feeling of intimacy and sensation. Expressing your love and comfort can transport on your own hands if practiced and performed perfectly. Giving a massage to your loved ones is the best way to transcend emotions and make them feel special. Bringing out the best from it can give a huge significance to your partner and develop closure. Hence, through this modality, security and satisfaction is felt luxuriously.

Who would reject an amazing massage? Aside from the physical pleasure and relief, massage is known for its multiple benefits according to many studies. It has been proven that massage can boost the immune system and is responsible for releasing tension and regulate blood pressure. But of course, this can be achieved ultimately if the procedure and techniques are done correctly.

Learning massage and applying it to your partner at home can be the best bonding experience. The common dilemma in performing massage is when you tend to get anxious despite having the skill set. You get nervous that you might not do it well and may push the wrong button tragically. Get intimate and learn how to give a powerful yet soothing massage by instilling this handful guide and quick tips.

1. Prepare YourselfPrepare yourself, okay, nice, approve

Before engaging in a massage activity, compose yourself very well and think positively before embarking the session. It is essential to free your mind from worries and focus on giving the desirable pressure on your partner’s body.

2. Loosen up the Atmosphere

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It is vital to make yourself comfortable as well as the receiver, of course. Employ some light conversation and fancy chattering to make the session more special and natural. Ask your partner how they feel and ask for specifics on how they wanted to be massaged.

3. Build a Mood by Working Slowly

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Make every single moment sensational and make them feel warm and at ease by stroking slowly with your palms and thumbs. Be consistent and  careful with your next actions on where to point and touch. Rub it slowly and listen to your partner's breathing.

4. Chat occasionally

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Receiver of massage tend to fall into peaceful slumber or silent meditation when receiving massage. But it is essential  to chat occasionally and ask if how they feel or if you're doing it right, so that you can change your strokes and focus point during the session.

5. Pay Attention in the Vital Parts

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Giving a massage aims to make you feel comfortable and at ease, but tiny tickles and infrequent pain are normal. You need to make a shift into powerful techniques by applying more pressure on the integral body parts such as the back, shoulders and legs. Exert enough pressure to sustain movement with the muscles without making your partner squeak in pain.

6. Find the Knots and Focus on It

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With our daily routine, it's very normal that our body muscles are overworked and exhausted. This results in unwanted lumps of muscle knots that are often painful and sensitive. Ask your partner if the pain in rubbing is tolerable before undergoing some series of press and holds on it.

7. Avoid the Spine and other Sensitive Bones

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Keep the mood smooth and comfy by avoiding the spine area. Do not to apply pressure on that part and its corresponding bone adjacent. If done, it may cause discomfort and serious harm to your partner. Focus on the muscles!

8. Cool It Down

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Take things slowly and ask your partner how they feel or is there any discomfort they're experiencing. Apply some light strokes on the body areas to relax the muscle tissues. Keep everything at ease and finish it by making your partner smile.

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