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Factors that Affect the Quality of Massage

writes on February 10, 2016

Have you had a great massage experience ever in your life? Did you get that 100% satisfaction? If not, then, want to know why you didn't get what you paid for?

Here's why:

A great massage actually depends on your massage therapist. There are a lot of factors affects unsatisfied customers with the quality of the massage they get. Following are the important factors that affect the quality of massage a massage therapist could give:

1. Deficiency of skills and knowledge

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- knowledge and skills are the must have in a certain career.
Knowledge is an organized body of information acquired and should be applied directly to the performance. Simply means understanding the step, process, on how to do such thing and what should happen. Knowledge can be gained in school, training, reading books, and researching MassageTutor online. While skills is the ability to apply the knowledge in practice and getting expected results. This can develop over time through practice and massage training.

A massage therapist that has deficiency in both skills and knowledge, would have low confidence in decision making, they will definitely have a hard time to decide and recommend the best massage technique based on a client's needs and probably don't know how to do massage correctly.

2. Less experience

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- just like a famous quotes "experience is the best teacher". Most of what we have learned and understood is through experience. It could be in massage classes or having experience out in the world, most of what we have learned is achieved through interacting and doing with others. At the end of the day, experience is the one helping you grow into a professional therapist we aspire to be.

Having less experience, making the massage therapist less competitive. They may know how to do it but the skills is not yet fully developed or they could do the massage but couldn't give you the exact massage your body needs. They may not understand the deeper understanding of their professional work and of the importance of self-care, keeping physically and emotionally in the peak of condition to give the best massage.

3. Strength and Stamina

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- this is one of the most important qualities should possess. Massage therapy is a physically demanding career, repetitively exerting pressure with the use of extremities and standing long periods of time to complete the massage technique that are intended to relax a client and provide health benefits.

Without this quality, they can't do the techniques that need firm and deep pressure massage and they may get tired or fatigue easily in the middle of the treatment.

4. Mood

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- Happy? Sad? Anxious? Mad? These different kinds of emotions will affect work performance, whether we want them or not. Emotions and mood are defined by positive and negative moments experienced during the course of a day. The study shows that this following emotion or mood does affect work performance.

5. Ambiance

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- is the feeling towards the particular place. It's how you design and arrange the place, controlling the environment to set the mood of the clients over the conscious state of mind.

Just imagine a spa or massage room that is very messy with a dirty wrinkled bed sheet, thick layer of dust has built up on all the shelves and cobwebs in the corner. Would you feel relaxed with that? Or it would just add up stress and discomfort.

A great massage ends with everyone being happy with the experience. Generally speaking, you get what you paid for.

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