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Don’t hesitate To Ask Your Massage Therapist

writes on March 23, 2016

Licensed Massage Therapist are skilled on what they do, they see all kinds of people, condition and concern to provide the therapeutic touch. But they are not mental telepathist that reads your mind. Then better yet, ask questions and let them know what you want so that both of you are clear about your expectations and goals for the massage therapy.

massage therapistHere some following hint on what to ask your massage therapist:

- What type of massage therapy is best for what I need?

- How long will the massage session take for my case?

- What will I wear? Do I have to be completely naked?

- Massage does really need to be painful in order to be effective?

- What should I do when I feel ticklish in the middle of massage therapy?

- Can you please put a little more/less pressure in this area?

- How will I feel after the massage?

- What do I need to do after the massage?

- Can I go back to work after the massage session?

- Can I take a bath after the massage therapy?


Usually a licensed massage therapist reviews client's medical records, ask questions about medical history and any areas that needs special attention. If they don't ask, speak up for yourself. Because this following information will help the massage therapist determine what techniques to use and how to configure the session.

Massage therapy can be a very personal experience and we MassageTutor licensed massage therapist makes sure you know that we are here to help out. In order for your experience to be absolutely what you want, we encourage you to ASK QUESTIONS! your questions and insights are very much welcome. Feel free to call us now  at (801) 484-7624 or email us at Don't forget to speak up before and after the massage session.


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